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Help > Keyboard Shortcuts

Voo2do's editable pages support a number of keyboard shortcuts to speed up common options. Here they are in order of importance:

Note: Key combinations may be different on your system. For example, you may need to press alt+shift+s to Save instead of just alt+s.

Key Action
alt+s Save
alt+c or alt+k Create New Task
alt+b Jump to dashboard
alt+t Jump to tasks
alt+p Jump to projects
alt+l Jump to collaboration
alt+n Jump to notes
alt+d Jump to deadlines
alt+h Jump to history
Macintosh users: use your Option key instead of Alt.

Opera users: hit Esc and Shift, then the shortcut key. (You can change this key setting in Opera in Tools → Preferences → Advanced tab → Shortcuts → Edit (keyboard setup) → Application. Look for "Enter access key mode".)

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