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New features are periodically added to Voo2do. This page is updated each time we add a feature.

Features Added 24 January 2010

  • SSL encryption will now be active for login, registration, and password-handling pages.

Features Added 8 January 2010

  • When moving a project or collaborator between contexts, that project's/collaborator's tasks are also moved from the old context into the new one.
  • Fixed email handling so project names are properly extracted when emailing an address like ( (bug fix)

Features Added 8 December 2009

  • This is a major new beta of Voo2do with wide-ranging updates. The most important ones are listed below.
  • instant save - no more clicking the save button
  • expanding description column - more room for big screens
  • improved email handler - accepts most language encodings and HTML mail
  • new user interface elements - new calendar widget, notes dialog box, and context organizer
  • many little fixes and improvements - and, we hope, not too many new bugs!

Features Added 29 August 2008

Features Added 18 October 2006

  • New logo!
  • Ability to hide and rearrange (drag and drop) contexts on the dashboard.
  • Display of priorities on the dashboard.
  • Added a timer () button to track elapsed time for a task as you work.
  • Option to hide notes for completed tasks on the dashboard and notes tab.
  • Extra "Save" button at the bottom of task lists.
  • New button style that highlights keyboard shortcuts for adding a task or saving tasks.
  • Backup and restore now includes notes, not just tasks.
  • API now includes getting notes with tasks.
  • Bug fixes on public task lists:
    • show person assignment (if any)
    • for published contexts, properly include tasks moved individually into the context
  • You can now select (no context) in the context selection drop-down box to view tasks or projects that have no context assigned.

Features Added 5 April 2006

  • Renamed views to contexts, and added ability to assign a task into a specific context.
  • Inactivation (and reactivation) of contexts and projects makes it easier to get old stuff out of the way.
  • Support for D/M/Y and Y-M-D date formats, in addition to M/D/Y.
  • Ability to edit (not just add and delete) notes.
  • Task-specific menu (click on ).
  • Notes button now opens in a simulated window rather than an actual new browser window, making this interface operation faster on many browsers.
  • Initial collaboration support, including ability to assign tasks to a person and to publish tasks for public viewing.
  • New Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Features Added 19 Sep 2005

  • Autocompletion feature for the project entry box. Now when you reuse an existing project, you don't have to type the whole name:
  • Add tasks by email: now you can add a task from your email client, mobile phone, or any email-capable device.
  • Set your preferred time zone: a much-requested feature for our non-Eastern-US users.
  • Backup & restore tasks: download all your tasks, in a simple XML format, so you have a backup in the unlikely event that my server is abducted by aliens.
  • Printable task lists: all tasks lists now allow easy printing, with a printer-friendly layout that appears in a new page:
  • Additions to the API: getCompleteTasks and getAllTasks methods.
  • Indulgent UI feature: smooth scrolling when paging through tasks in the dashboard.
  • Um, this page right here is new!

Voo2do Launched 15 Aug 2005

Features/fixes shortly after launch included UTF-8 (international characters) support, keyboard shortcuts, and various little bugfixes. Also, a blog was created.
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