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Voo2do is the always-accessible, web-based time management spreadsheet. Here's what Voo2do can do for you:

View and Edit Tasks

Voo2do lets you track each task with project, description, due date, priority, and time estimates. Just click and type to edit.

Keep Notes on Each Task

Log time-stamped notes with any tasks to track your progress.

See Next Actions at a Glance

The dashboard shows your highest-priority tasks and their due dates, highlighting overdue tasks in red.

Organize Tasks into Projects and Contexts

Contexts (formerly called Views) let you see a group of projects together. It's like having a separate Voo2do account for home, work, or any other context.

Review Deadlines and History

The deadlines tab shows you what needs to get done this week. The history tab shows you what you've done, making status reports, invoices, or reviews easier than ever.

Assign and Publish Tasks

Collaboration support is an area of active development for Voo2do. Current features include publishing task lists for public viewing (optionally with a password) and tracking a person assignment on tasks.

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