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4. Helpful Tips and Tricks
Using Voo2do and time management styles
Voo2do history and roadmap

4. Helpful Tips and Tricks

Can I place a Voo2do shortcut on my desktop?

One way to do this, which should work for any site, is to go to your desired page and then drag the little Voo2do icon that appears to the left of the address bar (a red check mark in a yellow box) onto your desktop. Your computer will create a shortcut to the current page.


What technologies is Voo2do built on?

Voo2do is built with
Python, Django, and JQuery. Prior to December 2009, Voo2do used Perl, Apache, the Apache::PageKit web framework. It also uses the PostgreSQL database server.

The Voodookit JQuery plugin was designed to support Voo2do and other spreadsheet-like browser apps.

Are you sure it's not Ruby on Rails?

Really... it used to just be Perl! But now it's Django, which is almost as trendy as Rails. :)

Using Voo2do and time management styles

Can I download Voo2do for installation on my own computer or web server?

Not at present. Voo2do is available for use as a hosted web application only, and I do not currently plan to release it for installation anywhere else. I am committed to making a reliable and high-quality service for the long term. But if at some point I am unable to maintain, I pledge to release the voo2do software so that others may continue to develop or host it.

If you are interested in purchasing voo2do for your company or team, please let me know. Although this option is not immediately available I would be happy to discuss it with any interested potential customers.

What are the 'orig est' and 'curr est' columns?

orig estoriginal estimate: how long you expect this task will take when you first enter it into your task list.
curr estcurrent estimate: your most recent estimate of how long this task will take (total). If something is taking longer than you originally expected, you should update this column.
elapsedelapsed time: how long have you spent on this task so far? I suggest updating this as your work or at the end of each day.
remainremaining time: calculated as curr est – elapsed.
The orig est, curr est, and elapsed columns are there to help you track how much time a task takes. One of the principles of Voo2do is that, whenever adding an item to your to-do list, you should estimate in hours how long that task will take. When entering a task, you can enter your hour estimate in orig est. This column holds the original estimate, and shouldn't normally be changed; curr est is where you'll put any updated estimates. This way, you can compare your initial estimates to how long the task actually took, and see where your estimating skills could use improvement.

The elapsed column is there to track how much time you've spent on a task so far. It's important to track this rigorously if you want to judge the accuracy of your estimates. That doesn't mean you have to measure in minutes; the important thing is to make regular updates during the day as you work.

How do I move a project to a different context?

See the "additional tips" section on the
Using Contexts help page.

Voo2do history and roadmap

When did Voo2do launch?

August 15, 2005. See
features by release date for a look at how it's evolved since then.

How many users does Voo2do have?


Is Voo2do going to sell out?

I'm not sure, but if Voo2do does get turned into a money-grubbing corporation, I'll do my best to make it an honest, reliable money-grubbing corporation that won't let down people who have come to depend on Voo2do as a free service.

Can I buy a premium version of voo2do?

Not just yet, but a premium version is currently in development and will be available soon.
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